Monday, December 12, 2005

Cold Water Sessions

A more recent entry into the surf blog, consisting of some Pre-Halloween Elbow, Thanksgiving in Rat City, and this past Saturday at the infamous Elbow. All in all the early winter surf has been surprising, since this fall was lackluster, with of few exceptions. The shorelines from Racine to Sheboygan have produced some nice swell along with the unforeseen and down right scary Jason Vorhess sighting at the Elbow. Watch who you are cutting off in the water!

Mark Wente displaying his New Liberator. Pretty.

Not a great swell but some nice rides no the less.

The take off at the Elbow on a small crowd day.
Room to move.

The vehicles that transport the surfer and their board come in a variety of sizes.
One of the bigger models.

Rat City Thanksgiving Day 2005, guaranteed to make you drool. A strong NW brought some nice swell to the Rat's Nest.

The paddel out provided a glimpse of what is to come, once one reaches the line up.

Rick L. wishing I got this ride on video. Sorry, all I have to show is this pic. Still it was an amazing ride, best ride yet on his new Fish.

Back to Sheboygan from this past Saturday, a steady SW created a stellar day. It's always a treat when your expectations are low and the waves are high.

Teek showing knowledge is the vessel to a nice right.

Paddling out through the waves is almost as nice as paddling into a wave.

What kind of odd, skinny dorsal fin is that?

Teek round 2.

Hope you enjoyed this installment, know back to the search.


Blogger Keeper of the Secret said...

Dude Im still cold from thanksgiving day. .. whoh.. look at the chop on those waves.

Dang, wish I hadnt been sick on Saturday. Looks like sweet waves up in Brat Land. Thanks for the call anyway.
Right on Ryan!


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