Thursday, December 08, 2005

2nd Annual Milwaukee Invitational

Past images from the 2nd Annual Milwaukee Invitational. There where surfers in attendance from all over the lakes, in attendance Team Blatz, Superior Surf Club, Crane Point Surf Club, along with a bunch of others sliders. Luckily for the organizer that mother nature was also in attendance. A perfect NW wind dredged up some clean lines for us all to share.

Know lets get to the rides. A complilation of shots from those catching and riding waves.

Teek riding one all the way into Shore.

A mystery surfer going down the line.

Making the best of a closeout, one of the Superior Boys.

Mystery surfer going left again.

A member of the Superior Surf Club, riding the wave like he surfs this break all the time.

It always a treat when you can showcase your local
break and share it with others. I met people that day I had only communicated with online and heard stories about. It is truely remarkable how surfing brings so many differnt people togehter, to share in a common bond.


Blogger Keeper of the Secret said...

That was a fun day..
Except it wasnt the 1st anual it was the 2nd anual Milw. Invite. It was however the 1st "Club Contest to be held in the great lakes in many decades.


7:24 PM  

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